Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How best can I use this website?

  • A: You can use to do paper trading/ demo trading. To do this, go to 'ANALYST' main menu, and select 'Send Trade' menu item, which will allow you to do paper trading. Another important use of this website is, letting others informed about your trades and so enable you to allow others subscribe to your trades.

  • Q: How to allow others to see my trades and allow them to subscribe?

  • A: You can send invitation to their emails ids which will allow them to subscribe. To send invitation, go to 'ANALYST' main menu and click 'Send Invitation' menu item. Users who receive your invitation has to signup with and then they will be allowed to subscribe

  • Q: How can I charge my subscribers for the trades I recommend?

  • A: At the moment, doesn't process any payments. You can deal with payments on your own with subscribers and so doesn't have to pay any share to traders market.

  • Q: Why my profile is not visible in analysts page?

  • A: All profiles by default are in invisible mode. If you like your profile and trades to be visible to others, then please build your portfolio for atleast 3 months and then send email to us using Contact Us page. If your trades are successful, then we are happy to activate your profile so others can subscribe