About Us

We are a team of software engineers, have experience working for 15 years in various projects across the globe ranging from telecommunications to embedded systems. We started exploring stock market as a hobby 10 years back and now want to take it forward as a profession. We believe there is a lot needs to be done in the trading segment and we are committed to take the trading experience to next level.

“Traders Market” equates to its name - a rendezvous of active traders. A pioneering model in India where Investment advices are given by experienced analysts with more than 10 years of experience into different facet of trading like algorithm trading, Portfolio management, Proprietary trading, Quantitative Trading. We here in Traders Market strive to achieve success along with our clients by delivering them quality recommendation by our analysts.

We act as a connecting bridge between institutions and domestic traders, as tracking institution has always been a challenge for retail investors, it will be no more a difficult task, as our analysts can do the job in a matter of seconds by their expert algorithms which could reveal high volume activities of institutions. Be it an Elliot wave trading, harmonic trading, price action, scalping, statistical arbitrage, we have basket of analysts which would cater to our client's needs.

Our strength is a proven track record of real trading from our analysts. We take risk alongside with our clients, just to have the same adrenaline as our clients. Our belief - losing is part of the game but winning is objective of the game, to emphasis this our analysts always strive to generate alpha with low risk. We act as a catalyst in your trading success, be it the short term or long term. A final note to all traders - it takes more than a decade experience to understand market psychology, and it takes a second to sign-up with www.tradersmarket.in to access the warehouse of trading experts.

Mission Statement

Our core interest peeks into strategy development, algorithmic trading, statistical arbitrage and Hedge fund trading. We belives in automation trade as it bridges the gap between emotions and machines.